‘Like thieves’- Fury over Woolies’ checkout

Eagle-eyed shoppers spied signs warning of the new cameras, which Woolworths says “records you and the transaction detecting when items aren’t scanned correctly”.

Woolworths says it is trialling new camera technology in some stores to “help reduce miss-scans and improve speed for customers through the checkout”.

However, frustrated customers have called on the supermarket to make changes to self-check-outs, or get rid of them altogether, with some already switching to competitors.

“I‘ve stopped going to my local Woolworths because of this,” one person said on Reddit.

“I have legit just walked out of Woolies and left my stuff there because the self-service checkout wouldn‘t let me pay,” another said.

The technology uses overhead cameras and artificial intelligence to detect when items aren‘t scanned correctly.

“If a miss-scan occurs, a short video highlights the affected product and customers then have the opportunity to re-scan it,” a Woolworths spokesman said.

The technology is expected to prevent theft by not allowing customers to enter cheaper products when weighing produce, however, some customers have said they feel they are being treated like thieves while checking out.

“You wanna treat me like a f***ing thief then YOU scan my s***,” one person said.

Some have slammed the technology as “incredibly annoying”, as it often recommends the wrong products or more expensive options.

“If I choose something other than what‘s on the suggested list of weight fruit and veg, an attendant has to come over to approve it. Usually have to wait ages as well because the attendant will be busy helping like 10 other people,” one person said.

The technology was first trialled in Seven Hills and has since been introduced in Hornsby, Neutral Bay, Chullora and Carnes Hill.

‘Like thieves’- Fury over Woolies’ checkout

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